Women Unfiltered

Women Unfiltered: Create a Vibrant Healthy Life without the BS!

Coming Fall 2024!

Are you feeling like you’ve lost sight of yourself? Are you struggling to make sense of changes you’re experiencing with your body, your mindset, and your life?

Women’s wellbeing matters & we rarely make it a priority. Often, we don’t feel seen or heard, and find that our search for understanding or solutions comes up empty.

That’s why we created Women Unfiltered. Our goal is to support women by building a community of support, education and fun so that you do not have to go this alone!


Leave feeling nourished in mind and body, ready to embrace this chapter of your life as part of a community of other amazing women. Who do you want to be? Let’s make it happen.

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Nancy Dilts

Empower yourself with clothing

Nancy has been helping people of all genders and identities feel fantastic in their clothes for the past 10 years at Nancy Dilts Wardrobe Consulting . She specializes in serving women in mid-life because she knows firsthand the power of personal style and finding the right clothing for your body and life RIGHT NOW. Feeling confident in how you are dressed is nothing short of transformative, and Nancy will guide you in making your clothes your superpower for reaching your goals in your life. Because it’s about so much more than clothes – it’s about living into your true, kickass self, unapologetically.


Monica Delius, MonicaD Yoga

Mindful Movement & Healing Touch

Monica is a yoga instructor who is driven by a passion for making yoga accessible and enjoyable for individuals of all ages, particularly those in their mid-life and beyond. Her expertise extends to teaching chair yoga, catering to those who may face challenges practicing on a traditional mat. Her teaching style is light hearted and she has the ability to help her students feel their practice deeply in the body, mind and spirit. She has taught for over 12 years in fitness and yoga studios, corporations and offered private lessons.


Cheryl Englebretson, Real Food Well

Joyful healthy cooking

Cheryl is a personal chef, culinary nutrition expert and coach at Real Food Well. She cooks completely gluten free and specializes in food sensitivities and some autoimmune conditions that require people to eat and cook differently. She helps people find joy in cooking and eating healthy. She will teach you how to make simple and tasty meals that leave you feeling nourished and energized and that fit your lifestyle. She will also share tips about food, meal planning and prep and help you to build your skills and confidence in the kitchen as we cook a meal together at each of the Daytreats.

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