Wardrobe styling that is true to you.

Overwhelmed by shopping or too busy to find the right look for you?

Clothes haven’t been your priority, but you realize you’d like to feel better about yourself?

Frustrated by figuring out proper fit, colors, and cuts for your body?

Not really a “fashionista,” but feel your wardrobe needs an update?

You wake up and nervously peer into your closet. Or maybe you’d rather roll over and just forget about the whole thing. You know you want feel good in your clothes, confident, and heck, even classy, but how on earth do you do that?

Imagine feeling confident when you get ready in the morning that you have something that looks good, feels good, and shapes your whole day. Imagine living your life how you want to live it – focusing on what’s important to you – knowing you have the clothing to make that happen.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!


nancy dilts - wardrobe stylist twin cities

Nancy Dilts - Personal Wardrobe Stylist

Hi, I’m Nancy. I provide personal styling, wardrobe consults, and personal shopping for people of all genders and identities in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro area.

I have been practicing sustainable consumerism with new-to-you shopping at consignment stores for years – not only because I LOVE high-quality clothing, but also because shopping consignment significantly reduces your impact on the environment. Plus, at consignment stores, you can get that high-quality clothing – designer/top brand garments that will last – at a fraction of the cost.

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