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sound familiar?

You wake up and nervously peer into your closet. Or maybe you’d rather roll over and just forget about the whole thing.

The shirt left over from the 80s.  The pants you wish still fit.  The skirt you keep because you spent so much money on it…maybe the cut will work on you – someday.  The pile of scarves you never touch or really have no idea what to do with.

Outfit?  What’s that?  You used to feel stylish and put together, but that was about a decade ago.  You don’t have the time to follow trends on Pinterest.

Shopping?  You feel like there aren’t any clothes out there that would look good on you anyway, so you’ve given up. Plus you feel so bad about yourself every time you go.

And who has time for that? Especially when you just end up feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

You know you want feel good in your clothes, confident, and heck, even classy, but how on earth do you do that? It’s not like you’ve got the budget for some fancy-schmancy personal stylist.

Walking into your closet and having clothes that fit well, look good, and feel good – all year round
Knowing a variety of ways to put clothes together to get the most out of your wardrobe
Understanding what kinds of clothes are complementary to your body type
Having a higher percentage of success for something looking good on you when shopping
Actually having fun finding clothing that fits you and makes you feel great
Looking in the mirror and liking what you see
Feeling confident that when you get ready in the morning you have something that looks good, feels good, and shapes your whole day
Living your life how you want to live it – focusing on what’s important to you – knowing you have the clothing to make that happen

welcome to A Year of Style

A Year of Style is my signature package that I created just for people like you. Spend the year with me to find or redefine your personal style, create the wardrobe that meets YOUR needs, and feel GREAT about how you look.

“By working with Nancy in A Year of Style, I look really good in my clothes and I have a lot of things that work well together. It’s fun every day when I come out to go to work and I look great. It’s exciting to get dressed and feel good in my clothes.” ~Roberta, AYOS Client

In an ongoing partnership, I’ll teach you strategies for making your wardrobe more functional and fun, expressing your personal style, and shopping more effectively. And you will receive caring guidance and support throughout as you embrace your authentic self.

A Year of Style allows you a whole year to work together with me to meet your needs with your wardrobe.

You have the time needed to learn the skills of understanding cuts and styles that are best for your personal style and for your body. You practice effective shopping strategies for greater success and less overwhelm.

You rebuild your wardrobe across the seasons to allow you to dress with success to live your life! Pretty awesome stuff.

let’s get started

Contact me today to set up your free Initial Consult for A Year of Style!


Start in September, January, or April
Limited to 5 slots per season
A Year of Style includes:
Free Initial Consult – 45-minute in-person conversation at a coffeehouse convenient to you
AYOS Goal-setting Session – half-hour phone conversation with me to establish goals for the year (using written responses completed by you beforehand)
Wardrobe Consult with Personal Style Guidelines and digital “look book” (3 hours in your closet + documentation of style guidelines and action plan by me)
Two 3-hour Personal Shopping Sessions to rebuild wardrobe (one for cold-weather clothing and one for warm-weather clothing)
Six hours additional in-person work time (in three 2-hour increments) – may be used for Personal Shopping or Wardrobe Revisits (to integrate new items into your wardrobe, expand your digital look book, and to review Personal Style Guidelines)
Monthly digital style support (e.g., individual online assistance using photographs, personalized Pinterest boards, recommendations and feedback)
Ongoing personal support from me – open communication through email, texts, and phone conversations to give you the support you need to make the changes you want successfully

With A Year of Style, you’ll find clothing that makes you feel confident and authentic.

You’ll get expert trust, constructive, supportive advice, and feedback about what you already own so new clothes integrate more easily into your existing wardrobe, saving you time and money now and into the future.


$1,800 (pre-paid discount, a $600 savings vs. a la carte pricing)   – OR –  

2 payments – $1,000 each ($2,000 total, a $400 savings vs. a la carte pricing)

In a single Personal Shopping session at a consignment store, a client will spend ~$300 on 20-30 high quality items, including clothing, belts, accessories, boots, and shoes. The retail cost for those same items is ~$2,000!

Even with my consulting fees, you will save hundreds of dollars on a new – and functional – wardrobe,  and most importantly, have expert guidance and and support from me to have success and confidence in what you are wearing.

Working with me for an entire year is like having a magic combination of personal stylist, closet organizer, and personal shopper all rolled into one.

So you can choose the perfect outfits for you and your life, not just for today, but for years to come.

“In my Year of Style with Nancy, clearing the closet was remarkably freeing. I can open the door and look in there now and feel good. As we tried on and discarded items, Nancy was able to tell me how and why something no longer worked for me, and I could then see it too.

Going shopping with Nancy was an amazing experience. I tried on and enjoyed items that I never would have thought would work for me, and now I have many things that are fun for me to wear.

Something that I didn’t expect to have happen that I have noticed is that I no longer seem to see myself as fat. Somehow, though my body has not changed, I am not as critical of it.” ~ SC, AYOS Client