When thinking about signing up for A Year of Style, I anticipated slight embarrassment about showing my closet, clothes, and body to Nancy. I was imagining that I would not be able to follow through with the program over time…so why should I bother? But what I achieved was lots of clearing out of things and a better understanding of what works for me and why.

Nancy truly does communicate an acceptance and positive outlook about your body…it is sort of catching. Working with her is painless…and it is inspiring. I definitely recommend working with her.

Sue, 72, retired psychologist

I had a wonderful time this morning! Thank you so much. I had no idea how cute I could look. I have never felt so good about clothes and how they looked on me in my life.


I could spend 8 hours rummaging through Macy’s and come home with bags of things and be in no better position than I am today. Or I can invest 3 hours of my afternoon, plus the cost of the clothing, with you and come home and be done shopping and have all my outfits and be done for the season or the year or my occasion. So for me it’s a much smarter way. I have limited time, and add on the fact that I’m not a very good shopper – I don’t enjoy it – it’s worth it to me to work with someone who knows what they’re doing. You know my tastes, my job, my sizes. It is so convenient and efficient.


I’m a terrible shopper! Since Nancy and I began working together, I feel far more confident in what I’m wearing, and I’m getting some lovely compliments. Nancy has such fabulous decision-making skills: she sees something and knows instantly that it will work for me.


Nancy, wow what a difference! I feel much more comfortable in my clothes. They fit, and they all look good on me. Thank you so much for your guidance. This was worth every penny!


Not only do I have new clothes, a cleared out closet, and a new look, I feel confident about putting outfits together in ways that I didn’t before.  I feel excited and good about what I’m wearing now, and I look forward to getting dressed!  I am also wearing colors and styles I didn’t think I could “get away with” before – I am bolder and more original in what I wear in part because I feel more confident in how things go together.


I have an improved sense of confidence in my style and have a much better idea of how to select clothes that fit my body type. I also understand what colors complement my skin tone and what colors I should avoid. I have gotten several compliments about outfits that Nancy helped me select. Working in the environmental field, I have also proudly been able to say that my entire outfit came from a consignment shop.


My wardrobe, while clothing me fairly appropriately for work and fun, was dated and lacking in creativity and freshness. Nancy helped me purge my dated clothing while educating me on the subtleties of great fit.  She was discerning without being judgmental.  I really enjoyed our morning together — Nancy brought lots of curiosity and inspiration to our session. Following our session, I have gaps in my wardrobe – but I’m excited by that because I’m armed with the specifics of what to look for (item, style, color, fit), and I will steadily refill my closet with functional clothing that is a joy to wear.


As an environmentalist, I’ve always valued “new to you,” so working with Nancy was a natural fit. Nancy embraces the “true to you” piece with her holistic approach – she is equal parts therapist and fashionista, both conservation-minded and fashion conscious. Working with Nancy has helped me get to know myself better, assess my goals, and focus on what’s most important. Feeling comfortable, purposeful, and confident in my own skin is not about having a jam-packed closet, but about having a few well-made, timeless pieces that help express what I bring to my professional and personal life on any given day.