fall already?!

Say, WHAT? It’s back-to-school time! How did that happen? My daughter is starting high school this year (ulp – not ready…) and has already dived into volleyball every day – three weeks before school starts. So not ready.

The weather is still scorching, but here’s a little taste of fall to consider when getting your wardrobe set for the season change.

pantone’s colors for fall/winter 2018


Wearing “colors of the season” can help you feel contemporary and fresh, which leads to feeling confident and great about how you look. As you pull out your fall wardrobe or make choices for new (to you) pieces, look for these colors. Have fun pairing them together as well!

My favorites are Quetzal Green, Saragasso Sea, and Russet Orange. I like playing around with color pairings – all of the colors on the Fall palette work together, and pairing ones that you wouldn’t typically think of can create an edgy, stylish look.

Use prints to try colors you may not have worn before so they aren’t so overwhelming, and pay attention to what works for your complexion and hair color. Orange never used to be a color that worked for me, but since I let my hair go grey, it works, and I LOVE it! Almond Buff is a gorgeous neutral, but would make me look dead if I wore it by my face without a pop of color(s), like Nebulas Blue or Quetzal Green.

Have fun with color, and as I tell my clients, use white to add brightness and black to add contrast to an outfit. Be intentional with the colors you choose – dressing intentionally is the key to feeling fabulous!



8 trends for fall 2017

Many fall trends this year are classic styles, which not only are fabulous, but also will last longer than this season alone. Trends that have longevity are worth investing in, and because they are classic, you can easily find high quality pieces #secondhandfirst. Have some fun with these!

pantone’s palette for fall 2017

Wearing the colors of the season can help you feel contemporary. Mix these gorgeous colors in unexpected ways – Grenadine and Ballet Slipper or Butterum and Neutral Gray – for a more fashion-forward look.


red all over

Red is THE hot color for the season. Red shoes and boots, red handbags, red coats and jackets, head-to-toe red. Add anything red to your outfit, and you can’t go wrong!


classic plaids

Plaid pants, jackets, coats, shirts, skirts, and more. Tartan is the rage.

Photos: 1 and 2, 3

sumptuous velvet

Ankle boots, in particular. Statement coats, slim-leg pants, dresses, and collared shirts partial-tucked into jeans.


‘Americana’ throwbacks

Think western influenced styles – denim on denim, embroidery, patchwork, suede, cowboy boots, and shearling.


edgy black leather

Leather jackets, pants and skirts, and especially paired together – Matrix style.


winter florals

Floral prints continue from the Spring/Summer trends but in deep, rich jewel tones. Dark backgrounds with more negative space in the print on dresses, fluid blouses, and coats.


2 more holdovers

Black and white polka dots and classic trench coats carry over from Spring. Pair a black and white polka dot dress with a red trench for a stunning look.






5 trends for fall 2016

While I don’t advocate for wearing trends that don’t resonate with you, it is helpful to know what’s in to keep your wardrobe feeling contemporary and fresh. Simply adding a color of the season to your outfit or embracing a trend full-on both add intentionality to dressing, which looks great and feels great. Check out 5 trends that are hot this fall.

1. jewel tones and blushes

Rich jewel tones and neutral blushes are the colors of the season. There’s a broad array of exquisite colors – experiment with some you’ve never tried before and be adventurous with pairing them. If one appeals to you, but doesn’t suit your complexion, wear it away from your face.


Source: Pantone

2. Victorian/Edwardian-style blouses

Think high collars, ruffles, bow-tie necklines, and statement sleeves. Pair these blouses with jeans and loafers or dress them up tucked into a pencil skirt.

Sources: image 1, image 2, image 3


3. floral dresses

Floral print dresses have been making the rounds on runways and red carpets this season. There are plenty of ready-to-wear choices as well – pair them with booties, tall boots, or heels.

Sources: image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4

4. embroidered/embellished denim

Embroidered denim jeans and jackets are making a huge comeback, as are denim garments embellished with patches. This trend is an easy do-it-yourself way to make an old pair of jeans feel fresh.

Sources: image 1, images 2 and 3

5. loafers

Classic loafers, as well as heeled and open-heeled (mules), are a comfortable and polished shoe for casual and dress. Wear them with cropped jeans, dress pants, slim-fit ankle pants, and knee-length skirts or dresses. Timeless style!

Sources: image 1, image 2, image 3

Which trends will you embrace this fall?