consign, donate, or RECYCLE?



What to do with clothing that is outdated, worn out, or no longer fits can be daunting. As a result, textiles are a significant contributor to solid waste issues around the world.

Sally at Already Pretty invited me to discuss the ins and outs of determining the best methods of disposal for unwanted clothing. Check out my guest post to learn more!

Image: Eureka Recycling

nancy dilts on sustainable style

Last week I had the opportunity to guest post on Already Pretty, Sally McGraw’s amazing blog that explores style and body image. Sally not only is an all around delightful person, but also is an extremely talented and sensitive writer. It’s an honor to collaborate with her.

Check out my guest post, Nancy Dilts on Sustainable Style, to read about the passions that guide my work and also The True Cost, a new documentary about the impacts of “fast fashion.” And be sure to subscribe to Already Pretty while you’re there!

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