my approach

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true to you

I’ll help you define your personal style and find clothes that make you feel great, inside and out.

My approach is to meet your needs, stay within your budget, and help you feel confident and delighted in your appearance. My philosophy is that no one body type is the ideal, and no one fashion trend is for everyone.

Style is personal and reflects who you are. It is not about hiding “flaws” or conforming to a certain standard. It is about embracing who you are, feeling good about yourself, and being excited about how you look. As your personal stylist, my job is to help you determine the clothes that will accomplish that.

new to you

I specialize in “new-to-you” personal shopping at consignment stores, allowing you to purchase high quality, often top/designer brand clothing at extremely affordable prices. Stretch your dollar to allow for more items to fill out your wardrobe while staying within your budget.

New to-you clothing is environmentally sustainable because it keeps clean, quality garments out of the waste stream. I also provide personal shopping services at retail stores. If you’ve never tried consignment shopping, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

style for everyday

I offer a range of services from personal shopping for a specific event – headshot, interview, class reunion, wedding – to revamping your wardrobe to suit you and your style at this time in your life.

Whether you are . . .

  • facing a life transition
  • making a career change or accepting a promotion
  • going back to work after a hiatus
  • transitioning from school to the workforce
  • parenting at home and wanting to re-energize your look
  • experiencing a change in weight and size
  • starting a new chapter in your life

I’ll help you find your own style for everyday and create personal style guidelines for you to follow in the future, making shopping fun and daily dressing easy.

“I have an improved sense of confidence in my style and have a much better idea of how to select clothes that fit my body type. I also understand what colors complement my skin tone and what colors I should avoid. I have gotten several compliments about outfits that Nancy helped me select. Working in the environmental field, I have also proudly been able to say that my entire outfit came from a consignment shop.”      Erica, 32


Photo Credit: Aine Couture Portraits