the lowdown on cropped pants

by Danielle

As summer quickly approaches I’ve been considering how to balance staying fresh and cool outside with spending a lot of time indoors with heavy A/C on and places where shorts are unacceptable. The struggle to be comfortable is real! Here are some options for those who are in the same boat as me.


(skinnies and slim)

The ankle pant sits right above your ankle bone, that little bump that we usually only notice when we bang it on the coffee table? As a slim or skinny silhouette, it elongates the leg.


(flare, bootcut, straight, and skinny)

A cropped or high-waters pant fits somewhere above the ankle but below mid calf. Most often seen as a cropped straight or flare leg (notice how the last two looks seem fitted until the knee and then bell out). The most underrated summer jean, imo – the volume through the leg allows for both breathability and full range of motion for all kinds of summer activities.

clam digger/capri

(mostly slim fit)

Clam diggers end just below the knee, and capris end about 3 inches below the knee, and sometimes flare out just a bit. Just be sure they fall above the mid-calf to ensure good balance of lines. They’re more casual and feature your calves. I love both looks, either wearing them relaxed with a fitted top or close-fit with a tunic-length top to embrace the flowy feel.

big idea

All of these lengths are cute and fun, no matter where you’re taking them. Regardless of which you choose, be selective in your shoe choice. Since your ankles and possibly lower leg are bare, your shoe choice is fully visible. Being intentional about your footwear will elevate your look. Tips:

  • For a cropped pant, try a mid-height boot that covers your ankle or a heel to emphasize height.
  • Make sure the hem of your slim-fit ankle pants doesn’t compete with the opening of your shoe.
  • Keep your clam digger/capri shoes casual – it’s a low maintenance look, so a wicker wedge or flat sandal is perfection!



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